First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

seek ... nurture ... serve

During worship and at other church-related programs we light the chalice, the symbol of our Unitarian Universalist faith. This one was crafted by one of our youth for the church auction.  

As a community, we bless a child's uniqueness and welcome him or her into our community.

We join with Unitarian Universalists throughout the state and other people of faith to stand on the side of love and protest the detention of immigrant families.

On Sunday, Oct. 18, we dedicated our Black Lives Matter banner as part of our ongoing anti-racism work. 

Our congregation works with local and statewide partners on immigration justice, including a Dec. 6 Immigration and Race Forum. 

On Dec. 20 our congregation will dedicate our new chancel chalice sculpture - shown here in development. The flaming chalice is the symbol of our Unitarian Universalist faith, embodying the fire of commitment and power of community.

On Christmas Eve we celebrate the season with musical ensembles, choral music, hymns, readings and scripture, a message of hope, and the traditional passing of the light.

Our community worships weekly in our newly renovated sanctuary, a place of beauty and love where people of all ages and walks of life are welcome.

Worship Services are held Sundays at 10:30 am. We offer Religious Education classses as well as nursery care for infants and toddlers.


In the event of inclement weather church closings will be posted here by 8am Sunday morning as well as on our church voicemail at 610-371-0928

May 8: “Laniakea" - Rev. Greg Pelley

We will consider ways to connect wonder and awe (seeds of imagination) to our rational understanding of the universe. That even in the science of astrophysics, there is room for mystics. 

May 15: A gently skeptical UU view of Ghosts and Aliens - Tracie Greth

This service will feature a time for all ages titled “Was Cousin Mary really a poltergeist?” Tracie will tell the old “Cousin Mary” stories passed down through her family, finding reasons to question their truth.

The grown up’s sermon will explore our human  love of stories and also the nature of our amazing yet imperfect human minds, for these are two major factors that led us to believe in ghosts and aliens. There will be examples of ghosts that are not real and extraterrestrial stories that reach far beyond any reliable evidence.

In a universe full of wonders, let us remember to think carefully and ask questions.

May 22: RE Sunday - Elizabeth Bromley & Maria Couchman
Come with us as we explore where imagination can take us.  
Come engage with us to explore and wake up.
All, the places we'll go!  
We'll go to give thanks to our teachers and reachers.  
We'll honor those who have been our seekers. 
We'll lay down our burdens and lift up our joys 
We'll gather, once again -  This is our ploy. 
May 29: They Are Important UUs. You are too! - Jess Bors

In this Intergenerational service we will learn about some important UUs in history as well as the importance of being with other UUs outside of a Sunday service.