First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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Caring Circle

A Ministry of Hope and Caring

The Caring Circle works closely with our minister, Rev. Sandra Fees, to provide a ministry of hope and caring to members and friends of our congregation. The team's primary focus is to maintain contact with those who are celebrating births, marriages, and accomplishments or experiencing a life crisis, illness, or loss. The Caring Circle sends cards, emails, makes phone calls and, when possible, visits those who are ill at home or in the hospital. The Caring Circle does not provide counseling, therapy or advice. News of members and friends is shared in a confidential environment and held prayerfully by our Caring Circle.

One member of the team takes responsibility as Caring Circle Coordinator for each month, but members and friends are encouraged to contact any member of the team or Rev. Sandra for support.

2016-2017 Monthly Coordinators

August 2016 - Stephanie Elliott
September 2016 - Linda McCormick
October 2016 - Liz Eshelman
November 2016 - Mary Jo Weishampel
December 2016 - Pat Getz
January 2017 - Stephanie Elliott
February 2017 - Linda McCormick 
March 2017 - Liz Eshelman
April 2017 - Mary Jo Weishampel
May 2017 - Pat Getz
June 2017 - Stephanie Elliott