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Director of Religious Education & Music

Ebee Bromley began serving as Interim Music Director in March of 2014.  Ms Bromley serves now as the Director of Religious Education and Music.  Her talents in teaching and music have enlivened our community.  Ms Bromley graduated with a B.A. in Music from St Mary's College of Maryland in 2012.  While in southern Maryland she served as nursery coordinator and then lead teacher for  the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Chesapeake.  

She demonstrates a heartfelt passion for music and learning that inspires others and invites members and friends to share their gifts. The position is 29 hours per week with 12 hours dedicated to music and 17 to Religious Education. Ms Bromley helps the congregation DREAM through her work which includes: directing the choir, organizing pianists, coordinating special music offerings, orginizing and supporting teaching teams, guiding curriculum and offering the time for all ages in service. 

She currently belongs to the Unitarian Universalist Musicians Network and Liberal Religious Educators Association

Her social justice passions always have an eye towards intersectionality.  Some specific issues that she highlights in her work with the congregation are the efforts for fair immigration practices and racial justice. 

Ms Bromley is a native Pennsylvanian, mother of a beautiful 2 year old cat, budding record collector and baker.  Her spiritual practices include hot yoga, doodle meditation and group singing.  She can be found singing in the greater Berks and Philadelphia areas with groups such as Vox Philia, Willmington Concert Opera and the Reading Choral Society. 

You can reach the Director of Religious Education and Music, Ebee Bromley 

For Religious Education Concerns:

For Music Concerns:

 or by phone at 610-372-0928.

Office hours are typically Tuesday-Friday, 8:30am until 2:30pm, but please call first to make an appointment before stopping by.