First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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All Are Called: General Assembly 2018

October 19, 2017

The next annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association will be held June 20-24 in Kansas City, Missouri. Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy. The 2018 focus will be on our call to meet the demands of our time with reflection on these questions:

  • Who and how are we called to be at this time, individually and collectively?
  • How are we called to act and to live?
  • How does our Unitarian Universalist  legacy strengthen us in living out our mission? 
  • In what ways does our legacy present challenges and impediments to answering our call?
The UU Berks's Keith Orts Scholarship Fund will once again provide for the cost of registration for our congregation's delegates. Individuals can attend and serve as delegates onsite or offsite. More information about how to apply to be a delegate will be available after the first of the year. Meanwhile, if you are considering attending live or offsite, please check the UUA website at You are also encouraged to speak to Rev. Sandra Fees or a member of the Board.
Future General Assemblies include:
  • June 20-24: 2018 Kansas City, MO
  • June 19-23: 2019 Spokane, WA
  • June 24-28: 2020 Providence, RI