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The Benefits of Teaching in RE

June 16, 2017
Sharing on RE teaching, shared in worship on 6/11/17 Hi, I’m Randy Newnham. I’m on the Religious Education Committee and have been an RE Sunday School teacher for several years. Why do I do this? So I can keep my boy from terrorizing the other kids, of course! Seriously, though. I love being an RE teacher. Why? Because I can make friends with a whole bunch of people who are shorter than me. (Wait, that would be about everyone…) No, a LOT shorter—the little people in my classes. They are so interesting. In class we share their talents, their triumphs, their failures. They are people too, every bit as interesting and sometimes opinionated as anyone else you will see in coffee hour! You should get to know them! Also, I think being an RE teacher has enhanced my own spiritual journey, in two ways. First, in RE class we learn about religion through things like craft activities—coloring, string art, watercolors—here is one of my creations from a class that I saved. And small group discussion, or sometimes role playing. All of these are things we don’t normally do in our regular church services, things that force me to actively engage with our religious ideals. And second, you learn much more about things when you have to teach them, especially to younger folks. Try to explain Thoreau to six year olds! Or explain ‘the interdependent web of which we are all a part’ to 3rd graders! This is a wonderful way to learn more about all those UU topics we sometimes take for granted. So if Ebee or someone from RE committee asks you to help with RE teaching—try it! It is fun and easy. You can just be a classroom helper—little or no prep work, just show up and help with crowd control. And you can help as much or as little as you want. We have several teaching teams for each class, so at most teachers are only serving every third Sunday, allowing them time to be here in the service much of the time. We have a curriculum for each Sunday, so you don’t have to invent all the activities yourself. Even if you don’t have a child in RE, please consider helping with summer RE activities or in the fall. Thank you!
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