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A Time to Love--Family Promise Feb. 12-26, 2017

February 12, 2017

We will be helping families experiencing homelessness by hosting them in our church overnight from FEB. 12-26, 2017. 

Sign up here or on the bulletin board in the Gerber meeting room.

Family Promise of Berks County is a network of 19 participating congregations that help homeless families get out of crisis and into permanent housing. Family Promise provides support at a Day Center, and churches provide meals and overnight housing for a 1-2 weeks at a time.  The families are screened, trained, and mentored until they reach independence in about 90 days.

Our church provides shelter for up to 3 families in our Religious Education classrooms. We provide breakfast and lunch foods and a hot meal for dinner each night.  We need about 45 volunteers mobilized each time we host. It's a very tangible, powerful, and meaningful way to help our neighbors in crisis. A significant bonus is that your whole family (of all ages) can participate.  You can stay for the meal or stay overnight.

The need for volunteers are:

DAILY: Dinner Prep (make a simple meal for 8-10 people)

            Evening Host (5:45PM - 8:30PM eat with the family and enjoy getting to know them)

            Overnight Host (8:30PM -6:00AM sleep on a hotel-style roll-out cot in a classroom, lock up church in the morning)


WEEKLY:   Set-up beds (put sheets on beds on Sunday after church)

                Shopper (buy breakfast and lunch foods)

            Meal Coordinator (contact meal makers to avoid duplication)

            Laundry (wash sheets and bedding at end of week)

            Unload and Take-Down Beds (Sunday mornings 7:30AM)

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