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Family Promise of Berks County

 Contact Family Promise directly if you need housing assistance.

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Since 2010, our church has served as a host congregation in the Family Promise of Berks County hospitality network. We are one of 19 congregations that provide food and shelter for one week, four weeks a year, to help families experiencing homelessness. 

The families are carefully selected to meet strong critieria for success in this transformative program. They have up to 90 days to save 80% of their income for a rental deposit and move-in money. They can do this because host congregations provide all meals and a place to sleep each night. During the day, the families are at school, work, or the Day Center on 5th Street in Reading. When a family is ready to graduate, Family Promise helps them move into stable housing. Family Promise is also unique in that it keeps family units intact, and it is the only program accepting single fathers with children. Learn more and watch their NEW set of inspiring videos at 

The families are so grateful to have loving volunteers spend an evening with them in an inviting space. We hope you will join us in helping our neighbors get through a crisis.  

We will host families during these weeks:

Volunteer Opportunities - Sign up here 


  • Dinner Preparers (make an entree and/or sides)
  • 1 or 2 Evening Hosts (5:45 PM - 8:30 PM)
  • 1 or 2 Overnighters (8:30 PM - 6 AM
  • 1 Morning Host (if requested 5:00 AM)


  • 1 Shopper (for breakfast and lunch foods)
  • 4 Laundry Workers (wash sheets at end of week)
  • 5 Set-up beds on first Sunday (8:00AM unload only and 11:30AM to set up)
  • 5 Pack up beds on last Sunday (7:30 AM

Contact Carla Mannix at 610-670-8497 or for more information.