First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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Mindfulness in Worship

Worship offers us an hour each week when we can put aside busyness and distractions and celebrate the whole of our lives. When we gather, we are creating a sacred space filled with a spirit of openness, self-awareness, joy, respect, and inquiry. We can deepen the quality of the experience through preparation, presence, and practice. Here are some helpful tips for enriching your time in worship:

Come with an open heart and open mind. Arrive with enough time to center yourself before worship begins. Centering music starts 10 minutes prior to the service to allow time to meditate and prepare for worship. If you arrive late, pause to take a deep breath before entering the sanctuary. 

Be Present
When you are in worship, put aside distractions. This is a time to be freed from the constant pressure to multitask. Silence your cell phone and give yourself a break from your electronic devices. Develop an awareness of yourself. What are you experiencing in this moment? Notice how your presence impacts those around you, striving not to be a distraction for others.                                                                  
Engage your entire being in worship. Worship with mind, body, and spirit. Be a participant. Sing. Pray. Meditate. Think. Feel. Laugh. Cry. Be.                                                                                                                  
Use worship as a time of spiritual practice. During joys and sorrows, reflect on your own life, your family, the lives of other church members, and the larger world. Strive to hold all beings in compassion and love. Practice gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, attention, forgiveness, peace – whatever you are being called to in that moment.