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SIP Update: The Scaffolding Is Up!

August 29, 2014

For the safety and security of everyone, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE SANCTUARY DURING THE CONSTRUCTION. Many of the doors will be sealed in plastic to cut down on dust, but please carefully supervise your children as I am sure the scaffolding looks like a fabulous jungle gym to their adventurous eyes. 

We have asked the construction team to keep the small windows on the sanctuary doors off the foyer clear to allow us all to watch the progress as it happens.  It will be so wonderful to share this space again when it is complete, but for now, we will see you in the Gerber Room!

Also, the SIP committee will be hosting an informal Town Hall on Sunday, September 14 after church to answer any questions you may have now that the construction is under way, so please join us so we can celebrate the progress together.

In Service,

Shelley Kauffman

UU Berks Board President

Community, Worship, Board of Directors