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Debeneville Grant Accepting Applications

September 2, 2018

Dear Fellow FUUBC members,


Next year's DeBenneville Fund grant request (s) will be evaluated this fall and voted upon at our December congregational meeting. 

This letter is being sent to initiate the requests for grant proposals, to clarify the grant process and to present three proposed amendments to the plan of operation.


Please be advised that the DeBenneville Fund Committee, our Minister, the Reverend Sandra Fees and our Board of Directors hereby request grant proposals for the calendar year 2019.

This year's grants shall be for outreach, ministry or the mission of Unitarian Universalism.

As our fund grows, so does the annual grant amount available and its potential for benefit.  This year's grant amount will be $11,068.


Grant requests can be submitted to our Office Administrator  or to our DeBenneville fund committee chair,

Anyone considering submission is advised to discuss the project with other members of their committee, members of the board or our minister as applicable.  These grants should be of the most benefit possible.

 All grant requests must be received by 12 noon, Sunday, October 14, 2018.


To clarify the process:


From the DeBenneville Fund Plan of Operation, approved 12/09/2012:

Distribution of Income:


Income from the Fund shall be distributed annually based on income and returns generated from investments.   This distribution will be in the form of grants, applied for by FUUBC committees and members.  This distribution is not to be included in the annual FUUBC operating budget.

  • This income will be distributed as grants for the following purposes:

    o       for the physical plant of the Church (even Yrs.)

    o       for outreach, ministry or the mission of Unitarian Universalism (odd Yrs.)

  • Income from up to 4% of the total DeBenneville fund investment value will be made available for grants for the purposes listed above.  Income in excess of 4% realized on investments will remain in the fund to facilitate growth.
  • The committee, with cooperation from the FUUBC board of directors and the FUUBC Minister will advertise and solicit requests for grants in the fall.  The grant requests should be presented, discussed, and evaluated at the November FUUBC board meeting.  Concern should be given to the amount of grant money available in relation to requests. 

 ·        Upon review of the requests, communication should be made to the group(s)/member(s) requesting the board approved grants to submit final versions to the DeBenneville Fund Committee prior to the December FUUBC congregation meeting.·        One member of the DeBenneville Fund committee will discuss the value of grant money available and present the grant requests for vote at the December Congregational meeting.  Simple majority of all voting members present at the congregational meeting will dictate the awarding of grants up to the available amount. 


As you can see in the preceding paragraph, the board must first approve of any grant requests before they are to be submitted for final vote.  This is necessary to ensure that the grant requests are within our principles, is in line with our vision and mission, and serves the needs of many of the members of our community.  This is very important and will be observed at all times without deviation.


Amending the Plan of Operation

§Changes to the Plan of Operation shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a Congregational meeting. 


Three amendments / changes that will be presented for vote at the December 2018 congregational meeting are:


1.) To include the following:  The total value of the DeBenneville Fund must be over $100,000 for grants to be awarded for the following fiscal year.  If in any year the balance is below this value, no grants requests will be solicited or honored.

2.) To include the following:  Only the Board approved grant requests will be presented at the congregational meeting by the Committee. 

3.) To include the following:  Grant requests must be as detailed as possible for consideration by the board of directors.  Basic requirements of all requests must include: Descriptions of project; Person(s) or group submitting proposal; Benefit(s) of the project to the entire congregation or community; Costs provided by professional estimates; Timelines; and the name of the person(s) who will be performing the work and/or service.  Additional pertinent information should also be included.



FUUBC DeBenneville Fund Committee 08/2018