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Share the Plate Ballots

December 5, 2018

Below you will find the organizations that we will be voting on for our Share the Plate collections in the upcoming year.
A printable version is located at the bottom of this announcement.

Special Plate Collection Ballot    
December: 2018

(Only the first five will be counted if more than five are chosen.)
New Organizations:
GREATER BERKS  FOOD BANK:  Mission Statement: To feed the hungry by acquiring and distributing food to people in needed. The food bank actually needs our help this time. Four of their six trucks used to deliver food orders to groups like ours were destroyed in a flash food.  They have been gifted one replacement truck. They are asking for cash donations to purchase at least one additional truck.  (Our FUUCBC food pantry is solvent.  Available funds total more than $4,200.)     
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KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY FOOD PANTRY Nearly 50% of college students experience food insecurity, with 22% qualifying as hungry. Numbers are even higher for students of color and first generation college students.  The Student Food Pantry at Kutztown University is open two days a week on campus and provides healthy food to any student and their families who need food support.  It also provides cooking supplies (pots, crockpots, measuring spoons, etc.) to help students make healthy, cost effective meals.  Also, open every day in the student union is an emergency snack shelf (canned soup, crackers, PB, dried fruit, etc.), personal care (tampons, toothpaste, etc.) and cold weather clothing closet.  100% of these funds goes to directly supporting the food pantry (purchasing food, personal care supplies, etc.) in concert through Friends, Inc.     Mark here to select:_________________
SHUT DOWN BERKS/FREE MIGRATION PROJECT: Mission Statement: To work at the intersection of law and community to promote the recognition of freedom of movement as a basic human right. The coalition fights to close the Berks County Residential Center, a prison for immigrant children and parents located in Leesport, PA.    
Previously Supported Organizations:
BERKS CONNECTIONS PRE-TRIAL SERVICES:  Mission Statement: To improve lives and create safer, more prosperous communities by providing services, support, and community reintegration to individuals involved in the justice system and to their families. (BCPS) provides both pretrial services and reentry programming for inmates and returning citizens, as well as services for their children and loved ones. They also provide reentry workforce development and housing programs that equip returning citizens with the tools and support necessary to become productive members of our community. Their Family Connections programs serve to lessen the negative impact on children and families affected by parental incarceration.  
CO-COUNTY WELLNESS SERVICES:  Mission Statement: To improve public health through service, education, and advocacy.  Founded in 1985 Co-County Wellness Services meets the needs of persons living with HIV in our community through case management and medication adherence services.   They additionally provide prevention services related to HIV, other STDs (including HIV testing and STD screening/treatment) and teen pregnancy.   

Mission: To create, administer and provide services, advocacy, and support to the Greater Reading community, including their allies with the goal that all may live a life of fulfillment, inclusion, and celebration.  The Center provides support groups for adults, professional training on LGTB topics, references and referrals, advocacy and information.

MAKE THE ROAD PA: Mission Statement: To organize the power of the Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, transformative education, and survival services. They are active in fighting for immigration justice, economic justice, LGBT justice, voting rights, and restoring our democracy.    

PLANNED PARENTHOOD KEYSTONE: Mission Statement: To provide and promote access to essential healthcare services and comprehensive education people need to live healthy lives and build strong communities.
FUUCBC/UUA Previously Supported Programs:
BLACK LIVES MATTER UU (BLUU):  Formed in Summer 2015, BLUU grew out of a broader movement for Black lives. BLUU is an independent organization, fiscally sponsored by the UUA providing ministry for and by Black Unitarian Universalists, while also working to expand the role and visibility of Black UU’s within our faith. campaign. 
FUUCBC SOCIAL JUSTICE PROGRAMS:  Money collected will be used for our social justice activities related to our work in anti-racism, poverty, homelessness, mass incarceration, and immigration reform to name a few issues.  
KEITH ORTS FUND:   Established in consultation with Keith and Carol Orts to honor Keith Orts, a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, and following his death in memory of Keith. The funds purpose is to promote his love for Unitarian Universalism. It provides scholarships to support attendance at General Assembly and other Unitarian Universalist events that connect members with the larger UU world.