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Social Justice Survey Summary, Explanation and Commentary

December 5, 2018

Data from the completed Social Justice Surveys were compiled by Carol Orts, who organized the project over the Summer of 2018, and frequently encouraged all congregants to participate.

The Survey Summary takes the response counts, as submitted by Carol, and arranges them in order, for easy comprehension.

All data regarding the age of respondents, and their areas of concern were gathered by Carol. Every suggestion for increased congregational involvement was noted. Those suggestions mentioned with significant frequency are listed in the survey.



Response:  75 completed surveys, well over half of FUUBC’s active members; judged good for summer activity


Primary Social Justice Concerns:  

  1. Anti-Racism
  2. Immigration Justice
  3. Economic Justice
  4. Environmental Justice


Age Differences Among Respondents:

      Significantly more congregants over age 50 responded to

      questionnaire than did those under age 50.  Among

      younger respondents, both Reproductive Justice and

      LGBTQ Rights were more serious concerns than among

      their elders.  However, the issue of Economic Justice

      was ranked in the top 3 issues much more frequently by

      the younger people than by the over-50 members.


Social Justice Activities Among Respondents:

      ~ most check the social justice table regularly;

      ~ many read and share relevant books and articles;

      ~ many sign petitions (hard copy and online);

      ~ few interact  with elected officials.


Suggested Methods of Congregational Involvement:

      ~ connect with other groups, including other churches;

      ~ group activities with well-publicized advance notice;

      ~ educational opportunities.


Comparison w/ Social Justice Survey, 2013:


Top Social Justice Concerns, 2013:

  1. Racial Justice and Multiculturalism
  2. Environmental Justice
  3. Peace (incl. reduction in gun violence)
  4. Economic Justice

~ CO/gc