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Letters to Today's Social Justice Partners

February 5, 2019
Letters are a way to build relationships. Building trust and supporting each other's work to bend the moral arc towards justice is imperative as we work towards an anti-racist anti-oppressive beloved community. Here's what some worshipers shared with community social justice organizations Make the Road and Indivisible Berks when we embarked on the spiritual act of writing postcards at the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend service. These groups will recieve bulk packages of these post cards this week.  


From two in our youth program: "¡Sí Se Puede! Gracias para su trabaja. El esta un trabaja de mejor importante."

From one in our contemplative companion program: "Thank you for providing light and hope for those who are on the margins - who may feel left out. We value your essential work. Peace."

From one in our social justice committee: "Stay Strong! Continue to fight for justice. Continue to resist. You are Not Alone. Adelante."

From one who's taken beloved conversations class: "So grateful for your presence in this community, the voices you are raising & the work you do. You are giving us a great example to follow in many ways."


From one of our members: "We must keep on going to make sure the light shining over the darkness does not go out because all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."

From one in coming of age program: "I stand with you - What you do is important. I believe in your causes."

From one in our saplings class (3rd - 6th grade): "I think you're great." 

From one of our members: "In these cold days both of weather and of oppressive spirits - May our Light and warmth spread throughout the land - building mutual strength and TRUST."

(This spiritual practice was suggested by Soul Matters - the group which supports our thematic ministry.)