First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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Nominees for Board of Directors

May 15, 2019

Dear Members,

In accordance with our church’s bylaws, the FUUBC Board of Directors has created a Nominating Committee to address the upcoming single vacancy on the Board along with the term expiration of two current Board members who wish to continue serving on the Board. The charge of this committee is to provide a slate of nominees to fill these Board positions with interested candidates who have been vetted to ensure that each is qualified to serve on the Board, who can interact professionally and respectfully in a team environment, and who will support decisions made by the Board, even if they do not agree with/did not vote for these decisions.

This year, the Board Nominating Committee has recommended a slate of four (4) nominees for three (3) Board positions. They are Walter Axsmith, Lauren Fritz, Bill Oberti, and Tonya Wenger. Below and attached to this email is a statement from each of these nominees detailing why they want to, and why they feel qualified to, serve on the Board.

Please review each statement carefully as we will be voting by ballot at the May Congregational Meeting this Sunday, May 19th to determine which three (3) nominees will be elected to serve on the Board. Those elected will be determined by simple majority vote  of the members present. When reviewing these statements, please keep in mind that the Board is currently engaged in ongoing, critical work that will determine the future direction of our church.

Your thoughtful consideration is very much appreciated.

With gratitude,

Art Arleth,

President, FUUBC Board of Directors