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October 2018 News

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Report from General Assembly 2018

Pat Uribe-Lichty

I am very grateful to the Orts Fund and to the UUA for making it possible for me to attend the General Assembly in Kansas City this past June.  I had some idea of what to expect—I’ve attended Annual Meetings of different denominations since I was six, and I thought that a meeting of Unitarian Universalists would probably be somewhat different but basically the same.  And up until this year, I probably would have been right.

Crop Walk

First UU is again fielding a CROP Walk team to raise funds that help keep the 
costs of our monthly food pantry low.The Reading-Berks CROP will be held this 
year at 1:30 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 7, at Grings Mill Recreation Area, 2083 
Tulpehocken Road, Wyomissing.If you are joining the team to walk, you decided 
how far to go – 1-, 3- and 5-mile loop courses along the Tulpehocken Creek 
are set up. You can solicit sponsors in person (team captain Jim Beidler will 

Coffee Crew Help Needed

Looking for an easy way to volunteer your time at church? Our coffee crew could use your help. For more info contact Bonnie Sirott-Arleth at 484-433-8877.

Thinking of Becoming a Member?

Please join Reverend Sandra Fees and members of the membership committee in a one-hour Considering Membership Class on Sunday, October 14th at 11:45, after service.  You will learn details about the church and the value of membership in a casual friendly setting.  There is a sign-up sheet in the Gerber room.  Or contact Rev. Fees, Mike Mannix, Brad Richardson, Dennis Williams, Kristi Lado, Judy Aubry, or Carol Orts.

UU Parenting Group Halloween Parade

The UU Parenting Group would like to invite the community to enjoy the Temple Halloween Parade on Saturday, October 6 from the front yard of Kate Lehman and Rachel Liberatore, 725 Mt. Laurel Rd, Temple, PA 19560.   Potluck dinner at 5:00 and parade begins at 6:00.  Contact Lynn O’Brien for more information, 484-219-5966.

Upcoming Classes: 
Upcoming Events: 
Fri, June 28, 7:00pm
Sun, June 30, 12:00pm
Tue, July 9, 7:00pm
Thu, July 11, 9:00am

Book Presentation by Cindy Ross

October 11, 2018
Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 7:00pm 

An Evening With Author Cindy Ross




Cindy’s story begins in the Rocky Mountain wilderness on a unique and extraordinary journey: two parents leading their young children 3,100 miles on the backs of llamas. This Canada-Mexico trek illustrated to Cindy and her husband what experiential education can do. Inspired by the experience, they went on to create a new way of supplementing their children’s education, focusing on two arenas for learning: the natural world and travel.


In this special presentation on Learning from Faith-based Cultures, Cindy will share her family’s experiences around the world. She’ll illustrate with images of Buddhist monks in Nepal, Muslims in Turkish mosques, Christians in Jerusalem, Hindus in India and how it broadened their minds and made them more accepting and appreciative of others who are different.  Cindy’s children, Sierra and Bryce, were raised in the UU Church, whose religious educators greatly impacted who they became and influenced their life work. Cindy’s multi-media presentation will be followed by Q&A and a book signing.

Debeneville Grant Accepting Applications

September 2, 2018

Dear Fellow FUUBC members,


Next year's DeBenneville Fund grant request (s) will be evaluated this fall and voted upon at our December congregational meeting. 

This letter is being sent to initiate the requests for grant proposals, to clarify the grant process and to present three proposed amendments to the plan of operation.


Please be advised that the DeBenneville Fund Committee, our Minister, the Reverend Sandra Fees and our Board of Directors hereby request grant proposals for the calendar year 2019.

This year's grants shall be for outreach, ministry or the mission of Unitarian Universalism.

As our fund grows, so does the annual grant amount available and its potential for benefit.  This year's grant amount will be $11,068.


Grant requests can be submitted to our Office Administrator  or to our DeBenneville fund committee chair,

Anyone considering submission is advised to discuss the project with other members of their committee, members of the board or our minister as applicable.  These grants should be of the most benefit possible.

 All grant requests must be received by 12 noon, Sunday, October 14, 2018.


To clarify the process:


From the DeBenneville Fund Plan of Operation, approved 12/09/2012:

Distribution of Income:


Income from the Fund shall be distributed annually based on income and returns generated from investments.   This distribution will be in the form of grants, applied for by FUUBC committees and members.  This distribution is not to be included in the annual FUUBC operating budget.

  • This income will be distributed as grants for the following purposes:

    o       for the physical plant of the Church (even Yrs.)

    o       for outreach, ministry or the mission of Unitarian Universalism (odd Yrs.)

  • Income from up to 4% of the total DeBenneville fund investment value will be made available for grants for the purposes listed above.  Income in excess of 4% realized on investments will remain in the fund to facilitate growth.
  • The committee, with cooperation from the FUUBC board of directors and the FUUBC Minister will advertise and solicit requests for grants in the fall.  The grant requests should be presented, discussed, and evaluated at the November FUUBC board meeting.  Concern should be given to the amount of grant money available in relation to requests. 

 ·        Upon review of the requests, communication should be made to the group(s)/member(s) requesting the board approved grants to submit final versions to the DeBenneville Fund Committee prior to the December FUUBC congregation meeting.·        One member of the DeBenneville Fund committee will discuss the value of grant money available and present the grant requests for vote at the December Congregational meeting.  Simple majority of all voting members present at the congregational meeting will dictate the awarding of grants up to the available amount. 


As you can see in the preceding paragraph, the board must first approve of any grant requests before they are to be submitted for final vote.  This is necessary to ensure that the grant requests are within our principles, is in line with our vision and mission, and serves the needs of many of the members of our community.  This is very important and will be observed at all times without deviation.


Amending the Plan of Operation

§Changes to the Plan of Operation shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a Congregational meeting. 


Three amendments / changes that will be presented for vote at the December 2018 congregational meeting are:


1.) To include the following:  The total value of the DeBenneville Fund must be over $100,000 for grants to be awarded for the following fiscal year.  If in any year the balance is below this value, no grants requests will be solicited or honored.

2.) To include the following:  Only the Board approved grant requests will be presented at the congregational meeting by the Committee. 

3.) To include the following:  Grant requests must be as detailed as possible for consideration by the board of directors.  Basic requirements of all requests must include: Descriptions of project; Person(s) or group submitting proposal; Benefit(s) of the project to the entire congregation or community; Costs provided by professional estimates; Timelines; and the name of the person(s) who will be performing the work and/or service.  Additional pertinent information should also be included.



FUUBC DeBenneville Fund Committee 08/2018


2018 Reading NAACP Freedom Fund Gala

October 20, 2018


On Saturday, October 20, 2018 the Reading Branch NAACP will hold its 31st Annual Freedom Fund Gala at The Inn at Reading. The keynote speaker is Reginald T. Shuford, Esq., Executive Director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania. Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees will be Emcee for the evening. The funds raised assist in supporting the local branch in providing annual scholarships for youth in Reading while recognizing the involvement and advocacy of organizations and individuals working in the community. 

Tickets are $60 in advance and $65 at the door. If you would like to attend, please contact Melissa at to reserve your spot. Tables seat 8 people and we would like to be able to reserve tables for the FUUBC group in advance to ensure that we are seated together. Please RSVP no later than October 5.

Menu options include:

Stuffed Chicken Breast, cornbread stuffing
Butter Crumb Flounder, scampi sauce
Eggplant Parmigiana with Fettucine
Chicken Tenders & Fries

Cradles to Crayons Collection Drive for Children’s Clothing

October 6, 2018

We will be collecting clothing, pajamas, shoes, boots, outerwear, books, and school supplies for children ages infant to 12 years old here at FUUCBC. Please ask your neighbors and friends to also donate.

Dates and Times:

Saturday   10/06/18 11 AM – 1 PM

Sunday      10/07/18 Before and after church

Sunday      10/14/18 Before and after church


 Note: We will not be collecting car seats. See Donation Guidelines for more info:



For questions contact:

Bernice Corbit: 484-269-8002      

Bonnie Arleth:  484-433-8877      

Cyndi Dimowitz: 610-334-8309