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What Does It Mean To Be a People of Beauty

From Sandra's Study
June's theme: Beauty

The human soul is hungry for beauty. - John O'Donohue

We humans long for beauty in our lives. Our spirits long to experience beauty in art, music, relationships, nature, actions, and in ourselves. Most of us have our go-to places for seeking out beauty. Maybe there's a special place or object or song that calls to us, captivates us, and nurtures us. Yet part of our spiritual practice is to hone our ability to find the beautiful wherever we go and wherever we are. This means learning to look more closely, more deeply to notice and observe beauty even in unlikely places, even in the midst of ugliness. We are called to see the beauty that is emerging, including the ways that we are coming into our full selves.

This month as we explore what it means to be a people of beauty, I encourage you to look for beauty in the unexpected as well as the expected. May you discover many sources of beauty to nourish your spirit, restore peace and joy, and offer you delight. 

With beautiful blessings,

Rev. Sandra

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