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What Does It Mean To Be a People of Curiosity

From Sandra's Study
May's theme: Curiosity

This month, as we explore what it means to be a people of curiosity, this rover is very much on my mind. The rover, named CURIOSITY, landed on Mars in 2012. Its mission was to find out about the environment on Mars and whether it can support life. CURIOSITY has been busy ever since. You can find out the latest news here at NASA's Mars Science Lab Coverage.

What strikes me about CURIOSITY is the way it reflects the inquiring nature of humans. We humans have an insatiable urge to learn, to explore, to experience. Our minds continuously reach and propel us to new frontiers--whether that frontier is millions of miles away on the distant red planet, deep beneath the ocean's surface, or as close as our own brains. Our scientific exploration is moving us to make new discoveries and to re-evaluate what we know or think we know about ourselves, each other, the planet, and universe. 

Are there limitations to this curiosity of ours? Who knows? But I'm eager to see where all our searching will take us. Human curiosity and ingenuity are what got us to this point in the first place. Certainly some of our efforts have had mixed and even negative results. But that questing spirit is part of what makes us human. And it is likely to take us places we have yet to imagine and to offer us clues into the meaning, origins, and glories of the cosmos.

Yours in curiosity and faith,

Rev. Sandra



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