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What Does It Mean to be a People of Memory

From Sandra's Study
November's theme: Memory

Autumn marks a dramatic and mysterious transition from summer to winter here in the Northeast. The daylight hours grow shorter, the evenings become cooler, leaves turn to oranges, golds, and reds, and Thanksgiving approaches. This month on the national political scene, the midterm elections loom before us, holding out possibilities for what this country wants to be and do, for the values and vision that will guide the coming years. Our UU faith calls on us--urges us--to get out and vote, affirming that the democratic process and giving voice to our values are vitally important, that voting too can mark a turning point.

The swirl of change sweeping the natural world--and that may also reconfigure the political landscape--offers a perspective on change. It invites us to remember the cycles of life at the heart of our everyday lives. As we reflect together this month on what it means to be a people of memory, I encourage you to recall the stories of gratitude and transformation that inspire and encourage you to continue your faith journey through the ups and downs and various cycles with courage. What memories are helping you to give thanks and embrace change? What makes it possible for you to live with gratitude, beauty, and kindness?

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