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What Does It Mean to be a People of Possibility

From Sandra's Study
January's theme: Possibility
Here we are at the start of another year. This is a chance for a new beginning--metaphorically or literally. It is an opportunity to reset and have a fresh start. Maybe it's time for a change in attitude, to rekindle a friendship, to heal a rift, or to address some other aspect of life. As I begin the year, I am aware of the necessity of choosing and risking in order to set off in a new direction. This January, I offer you a meditation to reflect on as we begin together a month of exploring what it means to be a people of possibility.


Another Direction

The moment comes
when a choice arises.
A holy moment.
A decision must be made.
Do I remain as I am
or do I risk inching, leaping,
flowing in another direction?
Do I risk what I think
I already know and already am?
Do I forfeit my security
for the possibility that a simple shift
may alter the course of my life,
even perhaps the life of another?
I long to let go of all that restrains me
so that I might pursue the impossible
and surmount the insurmountable:
to let go of anger,
to let go of the need to be in control,
to forgive a friend,
to forgive myself,
to refuse what thwarts my spirit,
to refuse what limits my mind,
to surrender to what will come,
to surrender to this holy moment
that I have let slip away for too long.

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