First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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Sunday Morning Worship Services are held at 10:30 AM.
Worship includes singing, time for prayer and meditation, a sermon or reflection, readings, and story. We are a child-friendly community. Children participate in the first 15 minutes of the service after which they leave with their teachers for religious education classes. Following the service, we have a social time to get to know one another. 
Sep 29: Expectations of Forgiveness - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

The expectations we bring to the practice of forgiveness can help heal wounds and resentment or lead to bitterness and anger. Join us today as we explore the ways we can manage our expectations in order to improve emotional health and exercise goodness.

Oct 6: True Belonging - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

True belonging means being our authentic selves. This morning we'll explore the true things inside us that make us loved and free. We'll be dedicating our new Tree of Life Chalice and celebrating this sacred symbol of our faith that helps us live authentically.

Oct 13: Chosen Community - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

Religion is a "chosen pilgrimage," says UU minister John Buehrens. We choose a community of faith. And we choose to return to it, over and over again, coming back to where we can be renewed by spiritual connection, celebration, and inspiration. Today we'll consider what calls us back to Unitarian Universalism, again and again. This Sunday we mark National Coming Out Day, and designate our monthly share-the-plate for the LGBT Center of Greater Reading.

Oct 20: When We Don't Belong - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

When we feel we don't belong, loneliness can arise. Join us this morning as we explore the ways that friendship, community, and connection can come along, surprising and transforming us.

Oct 27: A Feeling of Belonging - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

When did you first know you belonged? That's the question we'll be reflecting on this morning. Join us for a lively exploration.