First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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Sunday Morning Worship Services are held at 10:30 AM.
Worship includes singing, time for prayer and meditation, a sermon or reflection, readings, and story. We are a child-friendly community. Children participate in the first 15 minutes of the service after which they leave with their teachers for religious education classes. Following the service, we have a social time to get to know one another. 
Jun 2: Beauty: A Light in the Heart - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

Khalil Gibran says, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” This morning we will explore how the light of the heart's beauty can help to create a better world. This service will also celebrate the beauty that our religious education teachers, helpers, and mentors bring to light, and we will take our collection for our congregation's social justice programming.

Jun 9: Beauty Is God's Handwriting - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

Today's service is a celebration of the beauty of the universe. 

Jun 16: The Beauty of the Imperfect - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

Traditional Western ideals of beauty tend to emphasize symmetry, orderliness, and harmony. Eastern worldviews center beauty on transience and imperfection, known as wabi sabi in Japanese. This morning we explore how wabi sabi beauty might enlarge our appreciation of our world.

Jun 23: Many Centers - Tracie Greth, Worship Associate

This service in inspired by the word “centering “which is an open UU-compatible word that can cover many forms of meditation or prayer. It is also based on a comment made by Rev. Fees that there must be many centers. The word “center” will be used for those things that truly matter, those things that give meaning to worship and to life.

Jun 30: Practicing Trust: Making Space for What Is Already There - Rev. Sage Olnick, Affiliated Community Minister

This Sunday we will explore what it means to make space in our minds and hearts for what is already there through reflection, music, and a Glitter Blessing.