First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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Sunday Morning Worship Services are held at 10:30 AM.
Worship includes singing, time for prayer and meditation, a sermon or reflection, readings, and story. We are a child-friendly community. Children participate in the first 15 minutes of the service after which they leave with their teachers for religious education classes. Following the service, we have a social time to get to know one another. 
Dec 2: Celebrating Advent--Unitarian Universalist Style - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees

Join us this Sunday as we explore the gifts of Advent--patience, open-mindedness, adventure, and hope. All with a tinge of fear and mystery. This week we will begin lighting the UU Advent Candle Wreath

Dec 9: Bowing to Mystery - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees
It takes humility to be able to honor and embrace the mystery. Join us this morning as we explore the connection between humility and mystery. We will light the second candle of our UU Advent Wreath for peace.
Dec 16: Gathered in the Mystery - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees
One of the sources of our faith is direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder. Without mystery, how would we experience the "wow" moments of life that surprise and delight, that spark the imagination, and rekindle the spirit? This morning we gather to explore the mystery. We light our third Advent Candle for joy. This morning is our monthly share-the-plate, which will benefit Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Berks County.
Dec 23: Intergenerational Christmas Celebration - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees and Ebee Bromley, Director of Music and Director of Religious Education

Celebrate the Christmas holiday with a lively service filled with song, readings, reflections, and story for all ages. This morning we light our fourth Advent candle for love.

Dec 24: Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service - Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees and Ebee Bromley, Director of Music and Director of Religious Education
Christmas Eve is a special light-filled time of worship for our community. We join in celebration with seasonal music selections, including instrumentalists, choir, and soloists, along with readings, stories, and reflection. We light the fifth and final Advent candle for light and celebrate with a Litany of Lights that honors the many festivals of light around the world. The passing of the light of hope, peace, joy, and love to one another is a time-honored tradition and highlight of the evening. The service is followed by a reception in the social hall.
Dec 30: We Shall See - Matt Owen, worship associate

A contemplative service which will explore the intersections of meditative practice with the spirituality of the end.