First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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Worship Associates

The Worship Associates Program ensures multiple voices and points of view in our weekly worship services. For the Worship Associates, the program connects them to the congregation on a deeper level and challenges them to explore a topic in greater depth. For the congregation, the program provides thoughtful and interesting content and motivates them to consider how the worship themes fit in their own lives. 

2017-18 Worship Associates
Jeanne Cocuzza
Lauren Fritz
Tracie Greth
Joanna Groebel
Carla Mannix
Randy Newnham
Matt Owen
Mike Szajna

Worship Associate roles and responsibilities include: 

  1. Provide a 2-3 minute reflection on the service topic
  2. Serve as a worship leader, working with a guest or lay speaker, to manage the flow of the service.
  3. Prepare worship space for joys and sorrows, chalice lighting, and other rituals.
  4. Lead a worship service, developing a service on a topic of their own choosing.