First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County

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Deeper Than the Skin

Sun, February 10, 10:30am
Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway, Special Guests, and Rev. Dr. Sandra Fees, worship leader
Born three days apart, ancestry flowing through the same portal of History, Richmond, VA, Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway are on a pilgrimage that began three decades ago. The racial divisions that are the American reality started them in two different worlds, but the amazing bonds of music, respect, admiration, and shared vision brought them together as friends and colleagues. Their musical and spiritual blooming has become Deeper Than The Skin, a telling of their stories through words and music about how to build bridges and face struggle with hope, and even joy.
Reggie and Greg have been professional entertainers for over 30 years. Race is a common theme in their music, evidenced in nearly 25 CDs as solos, as Kim and Reggie Harris, and Brother Sun. Reggie is the Music Education Director for the Living Legacy Project. Kim and Reggie Harris and Brother Sun were the music for “Marching in the Arc of Justice,” the UU conference in Birmingham's 50th anniversary of the Selma Voting Rights Action. Greg, with Brother Sun, was the music and an integral part of the opening service for the Providence General Assembly. Reggie has led workshops on Race and is a beloved citizen of the Folk Music community. Greg’s song “Rosa Parks” could be heard for the first two years opening